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It’s Time for the Team to Grow.

Get LeaderBox™ for the entire team and take your leaders to the next level! Designed for both young and experienced professionals, LeaderBox™ is a dynamic, cost-effective way to invest in your team members and move your organization forward. Improve engagement, inspire synergy, and experience powerful results. PLUS, special savings apply when you order in bulk. Get 5% off for 5 boxes, 10% for 10 boxes, 15% off for 15 boxes, and 20% for 20 or 50 boxes.

Give Your Team the LeaderBox™ Advantage. Here’s Why.

  • It’s reliable, budget-friendly way to invest in the whole group. With LeaderBox delivered every month, you won’t have to think about whether your team members are sharpening their skills. No need to find expensive workshops or watch your professional development budget shrink from lack of use.
  • Your team will learn together. When everyone is absorbing the same ideas, they can discuss new ways to innovate together. You’ll encourage greater collaboration, skill-building, and breakthroughs that will take your business to the next level.
  • The curriculum is taken care of. Not all professional education opportunities are created equal. And if you’re responsible for making sure your team members improve their leadership and productivity, you can trust the ready-made curriculum and action plans established by our expert leaders.
  • The price is unbeatable. For the value you and your team will receive, this professional development solution is one of the most cost-effective options you’ll ever find. For up to 20 boxes, the more you order, the greater savings you’ll receive.
  • Your team will thank you. You can’t underestimate how much your team will appreciate this investment. When you give them a dynamic, reliable way to improve their skills and grow as professionals, you establish trust and communicate your confidence in them.
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